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My trade before making Crowns was Carpentry/Joinery - I fell into Prop making by accident after purchasing a CNC machine and not doing very well.  Encountering endless problems and wasting a lot of time, I decided to purchase one 3D printer.  My first first ever make was supposed to be for myself (Renly Baratheons crown) but someone ended up buying it from me...The rest they say is History!

This site is to showcase only my crowns and the process and thinking that goes behind making a Crown or Tiara.

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stage crown


I’m happy to provide a variety of services for my clients. With a compassionate and personalized approach, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results. Take a look below to learn more about all that I have to offer.



This service has been incredibly helpful for countless clients. If you have questions about what’s included, timing or anything else, simply get in touch - I’m happy to talk through all of the details.

I work very closely with my clients from the beginning to ensure I understand their exact needs, timeline and any other important details. We can design, print and decorate any crown - from a simple yet elegant headpiece to an elaborate highly jewelled piece of art. 

Crown design

Below are but a few of the crowns in the 3D modelling stage.  In the construction of a crown - the modelling is the most time consuming and difficult part.  For example, customers provide us with the material to work with, in this case it was a couple of pictures of Beyonce wearing a crown at an angle that didn't really give much detail.  Once the Crown is decorated it will look as though it were a replica.

Beyonce crown 1


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